Big Bend Cooperative Preschool

Welcome to the Big Bend Cooperative Preschool and Parent Education Program!

Many wonderful opportunities for learning alongside your child await you!
By participating in our parent operated cooperative program, you will be actively giving the gift of time and energy to your child while sharing parenting ideas with your peers.

You will have opportunities to closely observe as well as assist your young child in exploring and learning through teacher directed activities. Based on a developmentally appropriate and proven educational model, this is a unique hands on experience for both you and your child.

Parents in our program work together with our teachers to provide hands on learning opportunities for our children. This helps us keep our tuition very reasonable, and gives us the opportunity to participate in the classroom with our children. Typically, parents are in the classroom once a week and attend a business/parent ed meeting once each month.

We would love to share our program with you! This site should give you a quick introduction. If you are looking for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are always enrolling. For an enrollment packet contact Alicia, Parent Coordinator at (509) 431-3182 or

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