About our School

Children learn through play. At Big Bend Cooperative preschool, children are encouraged to explore on their own, with other children, and with parents through theme related activities. BBCP provides an interactive and meaningful environment through organized activities called centers. Centers can include activities to explore dramatic play, develop gross motor skills, recognize social cues, practice emotional regulation, and enjoy story time, music, and snacks.

What does the teacher do?
The teacher prepares the environment for children to learn through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children, and materials. She moves among groups and individuals to facilitate children’s involvement with materials and activities by asking questions, offering suggestions, or adding more complex materials or ideas to a situation. The teacher guides and directs a circle time in which children delight in singing, reading aloud, rhythmic movement, talking and listening. They also help parents learn about early childhood behavior and education as well as suggest tools to help parents facilitate their child’s learning.

Working Parents
All parents at our preschool take an active role in the classroom and the daily operations of the school. Toddler Parents attend every class with their child. Preschool and Pre-K Parents assist as “working parents” in the classroom on a rotating schedule. In addition, parents from all classes volunteer for a chairmanship or board member position.

Each parent in the 2 or 3-day program signs up as a working parent on a rotating schedule. There are several working parent shifts available each day of class. The number of working days is equally distributed, determined by the number of working days in the month and the number of parents registered in the class. Parents should expect to be a “working parent” at least once a week. Working in the classroom creates connections and community between our families and allows us to keep tuition low and gives us the opportunity to participate in the classroom.

Parents from all classes sign up as a Chairman to fulfill a job responsibility for daily operations of our school. Parents sign up for a chairmanship by volunteering at the beginning of the school year.   Chairmanships for the school year include: Work Schedule Parent, Class Photographer, By-Laws Revision Committee, Play Dough Parent, Book Order Parent, Make-A-Plate Parent, End of Year Picnic Parent, Class Clean-Up Coordinator, Supply Parent, Recycle Parent, and Shed Cleaning Parent.

Board Positions
We encourage all parents to join the board. The board provides a well managed, safe, and cooperative program for parents and children. First year parents are welcome; professional development and training opportunities are available. Board positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parent Coordinator, Publicist, and Fundraiser. To join the board, submit your name during the nomination process at the end of the school year, or contact the President during the school year to fill open positions.